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How it works

We gather focus groups from legitimate sources

We work directly with recruiters from many of the top national and local market research companies who conduct these focus groups. In other words, many of the opportunities on our website come direct from reliable and trusted sources. Other focus groups not received directly from recruiters are found online where they are highly scrutinized for legitimacy. Although we strive to only post the most legitimate focus group opportunities, we always advise our users to use their best judgment when they give out information. Only share information you are comfortable giving.

You search and apply for studies in your area

Browse through our most recent focus groups or search for opportunities in your city or state. If you live in an area without upcoming focus groups try looking through nationwide focus groups that you can participate in online or over the phone.

If you qualify, you get paid for your opinions!

If you qualify for a focus group a recruiter will contact you to confirm details and ask additional questions. At the end of the focus group you will be compensated with cash or gift cards.

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