The Rockland Sample is a landmark study aiming to map the brain, understand how it develops and changes over the course of life, and explore the connections between our brain and behavior.
We hope this research project, conducted mostly through interviews and non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)scans, will ultimately improve mental health care. Please consider participating. The key to understanding the brain and developing better treatments for mental illness lies with you.

The Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research is depending on the people of Rockland County (ages 6-85) to help, since research studies
with large groups of people are rare but needed in brain research. For participating in this two-day study, you may be given up to $220,
and most travel and meal costs will be reimbursed.
The Nathan Kline Institute is conveniently located
in Orangeburg, NY, easily accessible by municipal bus routes.

For more information, please contact (845) 398-2183 or