You will be paid $140.00 before you leave the project!!

Participants will hear presentations from attorneys and be asked for their opinions. No experience needed. We do need a diverse group of people for this project, from all different backgrounds.

This project will be held on Saturday, February 25, 2017. There are two different sessions for this project- 7:00a.m. to 11:30p.m. -OR- 12:00p.m.-4:30p.m.

You may not participate in both! 


If interested please reply to this with all of the below information:

  1. First/Last Name:

  2. Age:

  3. Male/Female:

  4. Occupation (if retired or unemployed, please tell us your last job held):

  5. Daytime Phone:

  6. Evening Phone:

  7. City you live in:

  8. County you live in:

  9. How many focus groups or mock trials in which you have EVER participated? (this will NOT exclude you from being selected):

  10. Are you a registered voter:

To fast-track your selection, include your answers to these optional questions to pre-screen for this project [Since this information is used to ensure diversity in our projects, your answers to the following will NOT exclude you from being selected]:

We can only call you if we receive ALL of the above information (except the optional questions) in your response - Incomplete responses to this posting will not receive a call back. Please do NOT submit a resume.

**Participation in this project requires us to be able to contact you by telephone. All your contact information is kept strictly and permanently confidential and will only be used to contact you regarding this project. Your information is never sold or shared with any third party.**

Due to the overwhelming number of responses, we are returning calls 7 days a week. Please note that you may be contacted in the evenings and/or on weekends.