A financial services firm is developing a new financial health application and is seeking people to talk about managing their finances. We are looking to speak with people in the greater New York area in their Brooklyn office sometime between August 14 and August 15. Photo, video, and audio recording may be used for our internal use only and you will be compensated $150 for 2 hours of your time.

We're interested in speaking with you if you fit either of the following:
- You are into gaming and also into managing your finances
- You have just started using digital financial products (apps, websites, online banking, etc.)
- You hold multiple accounts across several institutions (credit cards, savings accounts, checking accounts, etc.)
- You constantly check, monitor, or adjust your account settings or holdings. If you have a financial advisor, you call them almost daily
- You fallen deep in debt or have previously experienced a bout of bankruptcy
- You have made a windfall within investing your money or through an advisor
- You have an interesting or unique system for tracking your finances or budgeting/saving for the future
- You have good credit, pay your bills, but still find yourself in debt. Right now you're looking for a more reasonable way to manage your debt and get out from under it. 
- You have some investable assets and are looking for a better way to save or invest your money.
- You generally pay your bills on time and think you're doing ok financially, but feel you could benefit from more actively managing your finances
- You actively use finance management apps or websites (such as Mint, Credit Karma, etc.) to help manage your finances and couldn't live without them. (Active use means at least once a week if not daily). 
- You started using/signed up for a finance management app or tool, have an account, but stopped using it.
- You have recently started to think more about actively managing your finances, maybe because of a major life event (e.g. marriage, birth of a child, home purchase, new job, etc.)






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