Nationwide online focus group for teachers

We're currently recruiting teachers (grades PreK through 12) to participate in a paid user study (conducted remotely via Google Hangouts). The study will consist of an interview regarding your classroom technology use and habits, and we may also spend time exploring educational websites or apps. Study sessions are available daily including evenings and some weekends starting Thursday, August 24th. This is a large-scale study, and we will have hundreds of additional time slots available at various times throughout the 2017/18 school year. 

To participate you will need to be a current classroom teacher, a TOSA, or a special ed teacher (or similar) who regularly interacts with students in a classroom setting.

Study duration: one-time 1:1 interview, approx. 30 - 60 minutes depending on study
Location: remotely via Google Hangouts 
Timeslots available: day and evening 
Compensation: $50 - $100 depending on study (payment via physical check, PayPal, or as an Amazon gift certificate or Teachers Pay Teachers gift certificate - your choice)

Click here to take the survey and apply