Mock jury focus group

Share your thoughts and opinions on real cases and get paid! Participate in a lawyer's focus group and you'll receive $100 CASH compensation, plus breakfast and refreshments.

Focus groups will take place on Friday October 20, Saturday October 21, and Sunday October 22. Program will be held in Indianapolis (public transportation accessible).

Focus groups allow lawyers to test theories and get real-world feedback and opinions from the public. 

What can you expect?
-Participants are organized into small groups. The groups meet with legal professionals to talk about issues and facts in a real case. You will be asked to share your thoughts and opinions on a wide range of issues. 
-Participants hear about two cases
-Breakfast and coffee will be available
-Participants will be recorded but no personal information will be shared and the videos will not be made public
-Participants are required to keep any information they learn confidential
-Participants receive a cash payment at the conclusion of the session

If you are interested in participating please send an email to: with your name, age, and phone number.