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Video Game Focus Groups


The video game industry is huge. Consumers in the United States spent over $32 billion in 2017! Whether you play mobile games, VR, console, or PC, companies want to know what you think — and they will pay you for it! From concepts to playtests, video game companies are looking for gamers to participate in their focus groups and research studies.

Jam City is a mobile gaming company based out of Culver City, CA known for making Cookie Jam, Panda Pop, Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. They frequently conduct focus group and playtest opportunities for research purposes as the games are being developed and continue to evolve. Jam City uses feedback from these studies to guide development throughout all stages of the games. “It is a great way to understand what consumers and fans are responding to and enjoying in real time and to make note of the issues that consistently arise”, says Alexa Etchart, who works on consumer insights at Jam City.



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Sign up with the following companies who regularly conduct video game research


1) VGM (USA) Sign up to join their panel

They conduct video game research on behalf of over 50 video game companies.


2) PlaytestCloud (USA, Canada, UK) Sign up to join their panel

A company that helps developers and game companies get feedback on their mobile game.



3) Huwiz (Montreal, QC, Canada) Sign up to join their panel

Canadian based game research company.



4) Player Research (Brighton, England UK) Sign up to join their panel

UK based video game playtests and focus groups.



5) EA (USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Australia, Europe) Sign up to join their panel

EA conducts research in many locations across the world.



6) Activision (Los Angeles, CA, USA) Sign up to join their panel

Activision only conducts users tests in Los Angeles.



7) Microsoft (Redmond, WA, USA) Sign up to join their panel

Video game research for all ages.




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