Food and Beverage Focus for Hispanic Consumers

Phoenix, AZ ยท Posted on 10/07/2019

A national opinion research firm is conducting a two-phase $600.00 OPINION STUDY about BEVERAGES & FOOD for Hispanic Consumers in Phoenix.

This study is for HISPANIC MEN & HISPANIC WOMEN AGES 18-65, and the opinion study can be completed in EITHER ENGLISH OR SPANISH.

The 1st part of this study is a $150.00 1.5-HOUR PAID ONLINE BULLETIN BOARD on the topic of BEVERAGES & FOOD taking just 1-1.5 HOURS with a FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE OVER TWO DAYS NOW IN OCTOBER.

The private online opinion bulletin board is being done on behalf of a MAJOR GLOBAL BEVERAGES & SNACKS COMPANY, which is looking to obtain viewpoints and opinions from Hispanic consumers regarding new product ideas they are considering for launch specifically for the US Hispanic market nationally.

Participants taking part in this online bulletin board will receive $150.00 for a 1-1.5 HOUR TOTAL TIME COMMITMENT.


The $150.00 PAYMENT IS SENT 2 DAYS AFTER COMPLETING THE ONLINE STUDY via your choice of a Mailed Check, Paypal, VenMo, Zelle, Chase QuickPay, Google Wallet or an e-card.


The online bulletin board will be open from WEDNESDAY October 23rd until THURSDAY October 24th. This online bulletin board for opinion purposes can be completed anywhere (home/school/work/etc) through ANY PHONE (iPhone, Android, etc), COMPUTER, IPAD OR TABLET device and will be taking place during a flexible time schedule, where you can log on anytime day or night for 30-45 minutes daily over the 2 consecutive days (1-1.5 HOUR TOTAL) to answer the opinion questions regarding beverage & food preferences.


All opinions shared in the online bulletin board are for research purposes only, NO CONFIDENTIAL OR PRIVATE INFO WILL BE ASKED FOR WHATSOEVER, and all opinions shared will be through a secure, invitation-only private web portal.


Half of the participants will be invited to an informal $450.00 Paid In-Person Opinion Session about Beverages & Food in Phoenix paying $450.00 immediately at the end and taking less than 4 hours, which is for the purpose of obtaining opinions about how Hispanic culture impacts beverage & food choices. This would be scheduled at any time that is convenient to you on either Monday November 4th or Tuesday November 5th.


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