Focus Group for People Who Work at Chemical Companies

Nationwide, USA ยท Posted on 12/02/2019 seeks Participants who work at "Chemical Companies" for a PAID FOCUS GROUP going on next week 60-mins In-depth Telephone Session.

Compensation $140.00 PayPal (Sent 24 hours after session)

If interested please email with the subject line "Chemical Company Focus Group" and answers t othe following:

Job Title:
Company Name:
City /State:
Phone number

*****Which Target Audience are you applying for from the list below(Choose One)? __________
o (N=2-3) – Industry Experts (e.g. Industry Analysts/Commentators)
o (N=2-3) – EPCs (i.e. Engineering Procurement Construction firms and Engineering Consultants)
o (N=5) – Managers at plant or Head/Regional office
o (N=13-14) – Plant-level Operators (e.g. Operator, Technical Manager)


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