Saving money focus group NYC

A financial services firm is optimizing its online experience. Their goal is to identify the interactions that work and don't work for users of the application throughout the initial use of the experience.

We are looking to speak with people in the greater New York area in lower Manhattan on either January 16th and January 17th. Photo, video, and audio recording may be used for our internal use only and you will be compensated $125 for 1 hour of your time.

We're interested in speaking with you if you fit either of the following:.
- You feel you have a good job and you want to start saving money, but you're spending a lot and/or living paycheck to paycheck so you're having a hard time getting started.
- You are a good saver and take a conservative approach. You do some online banking, but reluctantly; you'd rather have in person interactions and don't always trust the bank.
- You consider savings accounts to be an important part of your investment approach, and use a wide variety of financial products. You feel good about your savings plan, but are always looking for new opportunities.
- You're always on the hunt for the best new financial products, and move your money around frequently as a result.

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