Hello and thank you for your interest in our Focus Group.

Arch Metrics is an independent research firm studying the Weight Loss industry from an investment perspective.

We're conducting an in person focus group on one of the following days:

Monday, February 5th
Tuesday, February 6th
Monday, February 12th
Tuesday, February 20th
Thursday, February 22nd
Friday, February 23rd - only morning

You Only need to participate in 1 session. Each day there are 2 available time slots 7:00am or 6:00pm.

2 things are required in order to get paid for this gig:

Register below at the link. You must provide proof that you are a current member of Weight Watchers having joined before 1/15/2018 by uploading a photo or screenshot of your receipt or email confirmation. *Note: please don't show any personally identifiable information such as name, email, address, etc.

You must report, in person to 40th and Park Ave.

You will not be required to make a purchase.

You will respond to questions about your experience with the Weight Watchers program.


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