Are you 18 years or older and do you participate in outdoor recreational activities (like cycling, kayaking, surfing, sailing, etc.) in the Los Angeles area? You may be a candidate for our paid research study!

About the Research Study
We are researching how adults (18+ years or older) who participate in outdoor recreation in the Los Angeles area use technology in relation to those activities.

- You are age 18 years or older
- You have access to a computer and an internet connection which you can use to participate in a virtual call using Google Hangouts
- You participate in outdoor recreational activities in the Los Angeles area (such as bicycling, kayaking, surfing, sailing, etc.)
- You can participate in one scheduled 30-minute conversation on or before Wednesday, February 7th

If this is you - we'd love to get your opinion! We will thank qualified participants with a $20 Amazon eGift Card for conducting a 30-minute interview. Interviews are conducted remotely, via Google Hangouts. Please be advised that we will need to verify that you meet the qualifications above to be a part of our research study. All information gathered throughout this process is kept confidential.

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