Jack Strategy is a New York-based design and innovation consulting firm. We're interested in speaking with people who work for small to medium businesses about the tools they use for marketing, including email marketing. Sessions are 1.5 hour and will take place in your workplace sometime during the weeks of March 12 and 19. Photo and video may be used for internal use only and participants would be compensated $150 for your time.

We are interested in speaking with you if you are the person responsible for managing the use of marketing platforms in your business, the business you work for is NY-BASED and is one of the following:
- A small e-commerce company selling physical goods
- A services start-up
- A platform / product
- A professional service provider
- A physical location that sells goods or services
- A non-profit organization
- A content platform / blog

If interested, please complete our survey below. Our research coordinator Julia may then get in touch with additional questions. Thank you!


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