We are looking for women to participate in a paid focus group about Entertainment.

For this study - there are two parts totaling 2.5 hours - you must commit to both, but some may be chosen to just participate in part 1 and some will participate in both, which will not be determined until after the first part of the study.

The study will consist of a 45 minute research discussion with everyone. For participating in this, you will receive a Visa Gift Card for $100. Some will be chosen to then do a 90 minute focus group directly after a short break, which will pay an additional $125 for $225 total. So, you must commit to the full 2.5 hour research study. If you are let go after 45 minutes, you will be paid $100, if you are chosen to stay for the full 2.5 hours, you will receive $225 total.

The study will take place in downtown Chicago with multiple dates/times available on Thursday, March 15th and Friday, March 16th. The facility is near the corner of Michigan & Wacker and free parking is provided. Participants will receive a Visa gift card for either $100 (if just chosen for 45 minute portion) or $225 (if chosen for full 2.5 session).

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