Our small wellness technology company is looking for test users for our smartphone software. We are currently looking for people who are interested in losing weight and/or are on obesity medication.

We're developing a number of new features for our program and need to test the designs to make sure that they're intuitive, easy to use, and create a good experience for our users.

As a tester, we will ask you to complete a few simple tasks during a one-hour session and then give us your feedback on the experience. Please be advised that all sessions are filmed for note-taking purposes.

You will be paid $50 at the end of the one-hour session!

We're looking for someone that owns and has experience with either an Android or an iPhone, even if you don't consider yourself "tech savvy". You don't need to do any preparation because we want to see exactly how the program works for a person that has never experienced it before.

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