Nationwide online car focus group


Acterra is a non-profit organization that is conducting a paid two hour online focus group about vehicles and the environment.

No prior knowledge in any subject is required to participate. If you are selected, you will be compensated with a $100 Amazon eGift card.

Possible dates & times for the online group are:
Sunday, March 18, 4pm to 6pm PST
Monday, March 19th, 6pm to 8pm PST
Wednesday, March 21st, 6pm to 8pm PST
Thursday, March 22nd, 6pm to 8pm PST
Tuesday, April 3rd, 6pm to 8pm PST
Wednesday, April 4th, 6pm to 8pm PST
Saturday, April 7th, 4pm to 6pm PST
Sunday, April 8th, 4pm to 6pm PST


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