Hagen/Sinclair is seeking Imaginative Individuals to take part in a stimulating collaborative group and help create a new technology. We're recruiting for multiple large groups and there is something for nearly everyone! The study offers the unusual opportunity to participate in the next wave of product innovation.

Specifically, we wish to speak with:
A. Parents
B. Creative Pros (e.g. Design, Photography, Videography, Music Creation, Architecture)
C. Premium PC Considerers (Those in the market for a higher end computer)
D. Entry Level PC Considerers ) (Those in the market for a basic computer)
E. College Students
F. Millennials aged 24-37
G. Tech Geeks
H. iPad Pro/ iPad and Chrome Book Considerers
I. Gamers

INCENTIVE: Participants will receive $250 for completing the session plus $35 for completing a pre-group homework assignment for a total incentive of $285.

FORMAT: The format is a 3.5 hour Co-Creation Group being held in a unique San Francisco location. (*Including breaks, snacks and refreshments!).

DATES: The groups are taking place May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2018.


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