You are invited to qualify for a shop-along study in Boston! If you qualify and complete the study, you will earn $200.00!

* Format: Shop-along Study
* The Dates: Tuesday, April 17 or Wednesday, April 18
* Time Commitment: One (1) 60-minute interview
* Incentive: $200 for those who qualify and fully participate

To see if you qualify, please click the link below to take this 10-minute screening survey.

What is a shop-along? A shop-along is a shopping trip with a researcher where you will be observed. During this shopping trip, you will be asked to share your thoughts, opinions, and impressions about your shopping experience. Your opinions will help shape the future of shopping experiences for consumers such as yourself. You will not be required to make any purchase during the shop-along. It is for research purposes only.

Successfully completing the qualification survey does not guarantee enrollment. Several other qualifying factors are reviewed to determine a pool of viable candidates.

If we think that you are a viable candidate, we will contact you by phone for additional screening.

Incentives will be paid out pending a final review of all responses.


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