SIS International Research is conducting a nationwide research study with professionals in the Healthcare Industry. We are talking with professionals about the topic of Medical Device Reprocessing. Below are some of those who could be a match for this project.

All participants will be asked to show a Linked In Profile.

Selected participants will be scheduled for a 30-45 minute call to discuss this. The compensation is 125 dollars for those who participate.

Hospital department operations Professionals

- Directors

- Assistant Directors

- Managers

- Nurse Managers

 - Clinic Managers

Hospital Executives

- VP's of Procurement

- VP of Contracting

- VP of Supply Chain

- Corporate Director of Materials Management

- Director of Contract Management

- Director of Clinical Value Analysis

GPO Executives

Those who are responsible for selecting medical devices on behalf of member hospitals.

- VP Procurement

- VP of Contracting

Please email Please include your linked in profile and best contact phone.

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