International design firm IDEO ( is working with a group of partner organizations to understand American family life and to identify opportunities to better support families.

We are meeting with families of all kinds APRIL 30 - MAY 20. All conversations are 2 hours, in-home and paid $200 via Venmo or PayPal.

We're going to:
Bay Area - Stockton - Greater East Bay Area (April 30 - May 5)
Chicago Area - Naperville/Elgin - Rural and Suburban IL (May 7 - 10)
Atlanta Area - Clarkston - Rurual and Suburban Alabama (May 14 - 17)
New Mexico - Gallup - Albuquerque (May 21 - 24)

We want to learn:
~ how you get it allll done - meals, schedules, activities, etc
~ how families make choices in caregiving (for their children and aging parents)
~ how parents make choices about their jobs (location, income, number of hours) related to how they take care of their family
~ how parents are spending their time
~ different approaches to chores, time management, meal-time, childcare, etc
~ what tools and resources are helping (or missing) from your parenting lives
~ what your goals are vs what is actually happening

You May Be:
~ Struggling with childcare options for your family
~ A multi-generational family (at least 3 generations in the home)
~ Making different career decisions because of your families specific needs
~ Using a great self-care routine as a foundation to a successful family life
~ A single-parent
~ A sibling taking care of a younger brother or sister
~ Reliant on extended family and neighbors to get by
~ Either struggling to get by or a family who has the basics "figured out" and is trying to advance their parenting paradigm
~ Doing a great job balancing your child's special needs, a career, and the rest of your family's needs.
~ Struggling to find a balance between your child's needs and your own needs or the needs of your other children.


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