We're a team of researchers and designers working with a large US financial company to understand how people think about their lives and their money. We'll be using what we learn to design better solutions!


We'd love to talk to people who fit one or more of the following:
- Hold several part time jobs or gigs at the same time
- Have creative careers (i.e., musicians, artists, writers)
- Are freelancers or founders
- Have spent their careers working at several different large companies
- Are taking it day by day and don't have a plan for the future
- Are moonlighters with side gigs or passion projects on top of their regular job
- Are experiencing unexpected life changes or transitions that are impacting financial decisions
- Are planners actively saving and planning for their future
- Rely on technology to get everything in the moment


We'll be scheduling 90 minute in-home chats in New York City on Wed-Thurs, May 30-31


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