If you want to improve at tennis, our team--a venture-backed startup in Santa Clara--is working on a product for you. And we need you to come test it while we develop it!

Our first subjects will probably be players who are pretty serious about tennis, though you can be of any skill level. We particularly need people who are somewhere between beginner and intermediate. If you've played tennis twice in your life, this is probably not for you--but for anybody who plays a couple of times a month, come on down!


Speaking of which, you'd need to be able to come in person to our Santa Clara office for at least one 1.5 hour session. We'd pay you $45 for each session, or about $30/hr. Our office is quite close to 280 and 101.


We are a friendly lot and this should be fun. Please note, we'll need to videotape your testing session, and you'll need to sign a model release and a confidentiality agreement.


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