I am collecting data to help update two popular vocabulary assessments. Participants ages 2 years, 6 month to 90 years of age may be eligible to participate.

Participants must speak English as their primary language and should either be typically-developing) never received a psychological or educational diagnosis), or have been diagnosed with the following: language delay, specific language impairment, learning disability in reading and /or writing, hearing impairment with cochlear implants or autism spectrum disorder.

Participants will look at pictures, listen to words, point at, and name objects. Testing lasts about 30 to 40-minutes. You may qualify to earn more money by completing additional tests.

Earn a $15-25 in one 30 to 40-minute testing session. You may be able to earn even more money by completing additional tests.


If interested please send your name, age, and phone number to deborahcorey@me.com.


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