A technology company is currently seeking people to talk about internet browsing in the the following locations:

Kansas City, MO and Phoenix, AZ: Diary study the week of June 4th, in-home interviews the week of June 18th

Researchers will be inviting select participants to an on-boarding call the week of May 28th to set you up with the appropriate expectations for the diary study (call lasts 15-30 minutes). Then they will be engaging you in a 7 day diary exercise where you will be responding to prompts through an app on your phone for short responses once per day, total daily contribution is from 10-15 minutes. Participants will be compensated $100 of this time.

From the diary study a handful of participants will be selected to participate in a follow up, in-home interview which will last 1.5 hours and participants will be compensated $150 for this time. Participants will be given a choice of compensation from Paypal, Amazon gift card or mailed check.

Interviews will be audio and video taped as well as photographed to share with the internal team only (not shared publicly).


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