Technology focus group for teens


We're conducting an online survey on technology for teenagers! The participants--high school students--will be asked to complete and upload answers to some questions about daily life related to technology on an online site.

WHAT: Teenager keeps an online diary for 2 weeks (10-15 minutes per day)
WHERE: From any mobile device or computer that has an online connection
DATES: May 21 - June 1
COMPENSATION: $150 at the conclusion of the 2 weeks

If you pre-qualify, we'll get back to you by phone and email. Any information about you, or your child, will be kept strictly confidential as allowed by law.


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- This study is sponsored by a premier research company.
- There are limited spots that will be filled based on who responds first.
- Please be assured that this is a study for research purposes only and at no time will we try to sell you anything. All information provided is strictly confidential.



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