An innovation & design firm is currently looking for people to talk about the state of health in America in the Denver area between 5/21-5/23. This conversation will be focused on your views on health and insurance. Researchers will be conducting both in-home interviews and a group session.


In-home interviews last 4.5 hours, compensated at $450 for this time (there will also be a small pre-interview assignment). You will be requested to invite a friend or family member to join the conversation for 1.5 hours, who will be compensated at $150 for this time.


Group sessions will last 2 hours and participants will be responsible for a small pre-group assignment. Compensation is $175 for this time.


The team will be video-taping this informal discussion and have built in time to take some photos. Please note that all materials will be shared internally only, with the purpose of creating better health experiences. Identities will be rigorously protected: after the session your real name will never be used and nothing shared with the team during the visit that includes written medical info (like medical records or pill bottles) will be photographed or shared.


Researchers will have an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for you to sign that will protect the privacy of all involved.


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