Blue Rain Media ( is a software development agency in Kansas City. We are currently looking for people ages 18+ to participate in an upcoming focus group for a mobile app we have been developing. The goal of the focus group is to assess how intuitive and easy to use the app is.


To participate, you must own a smartphone (iPhone or Android) or tablet (iPad or Android), and be willing to download our app from the app store. You must also have an email address so we can communicate with you.


The focus group will start on May 18th. You will be getting a daily assignment each morning before 10am, and you must complete it by 7am the next morning. All assignments can be completed using the app and nothing else.


You will also need to submit a daily survey to report on your experience. Overall, this should take no more than 15 min each day, and can be completed at any time during the day, from any location.


For your participation in this focus group, you will be compensated $75. We will wire each day $15 to your Venmo account, or send a $15 Amazon gift card to your email address.


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