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We are Cognitive Leap (http://cognitiveleap.com), a startup company based out of Pasadena. Our work is informed by our advisors who conduct cutting-edge research in the fields of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and neuroscience.The team here in LA is focused on innovating digital solutions for mental health, specifically ADHD.

As of now, we are developing a virtual reality experience that serves as an attention tracker. Through tracking the user’s movement throughout the experience, our machine learning algorithm can interpret the data and provide an objective and accurate assessment of one's ability to sustain attention.

We are currently in the product development phase where we need to collect normative data, from kids aged 6-13, by having them come try our virtual reality experience. This will serve to both improve the accuracy of our machine learning algorithm, as well as to provide our team with insightful consumer feedback.

If you believe your child may be interested in playing a critical role in the development of an innovative technology, then please sign up for an available appointment time.

*Any child age 6-13 who is NOT diagnosed with ADHD (as we are collecting norm. data)

*Appointment takes no longer than 30 minutes

**Child receives cash - $20 if you find street parking, $10 if you use building's parking structure - upon completion of test

*You receive a PDF report of child's performance

*Location: 177 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105 (WeWork - Pasadena)


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