Q&A Research is a local market research firm, and we are currently seeking participants for an upcoming in person interview.


Qualified participants will be compensated generously for their time!!


We are currently seeking individuals in:

- Food Delivery Services - can be a driver for Grub hub, Uber Eats, or someone who manages the logistics for food delivery for their company.
- People who live and work in the same area/neighborhood - their movement is based on walking from place to place rather than driving.
People that never learned to drive (they live in urban areas and don't drive). This can also be a person who never learned to ride a bicycle.
- People that have to drive. They live in a rural area and driving is a necessity.
- People that must use a truck or car for business such as gardening/landscape and construction.
- Pure commuter - someone who needs to use public transportation to get anywhere.
- People that use a black tie car services for various reasons such as going to and from the airport.
- Must be willing to participate in a in person interview, in your home, office or public setting (i.e. coffee shop or other facility of your choice) on Wednesday, June 27, 2018.
- Qualified participants will be generously compensated for their time

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