We're a boutique research firm based in NY, looking to understand drinking occasions (yep, adult beverages) among men in the NYC area aged 25-35. If you're invited to the study, your participation will have two parts - both paid.


Part 1) First, we'll want to spend some time getting to know you in your world, and learn: What is daily life like for you? What are your preferences in spirits? How does going out for drinks fit into your life? This part of your interview will be conducted in your home with a researcher and will take 2 hours.


Part 2) We'll accompany you (and ideally one or two of your friends) on a bar excursion to gain a sense of how you make choices about what to drink, in realtime. (All interviews will be held between Thursday 5/31 and Saturday 6/2 so if you apply, please make sure you have time to do participate in both research parts within this time frame).


We're offering $200. We'll also cover your tab at the bar (there is a limit, but it's generous). We're looking for just a handful of thoughtful souls to help us do good work, so if this sounds like you, please take the survey in here to see if you qualify:


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