Thank you for your interest in participating in the upcoming market research study on the topic of technology and smartphones.


We are looking to recruit individuals that are in a creative field. Those that are fashion forward, in a creative profession and are excited about technology!


We're looking for:

o Actor and Actress
o Designers: Fashion designers, Furniture Designer, Textile Designer, bag designers, shoes designers, Floral designers, jewelry designers
o Craft artists(quilters, woodworkers, potters, and jewelers)
o Artist (Film/TV/Print/theater)
o Fine artists(e.g. illustrators, painters, cartoonists, sketcher and sculptors)
o Set and exhibit designers
o Directors: Creative Director, Film/TV/Theater Art Director
o Fashion Photographers, Photo Stylist
o Musicians/composer/singers
o Makeup artist
o Craft makers
o Theatrical and performance
o Poet, lyricist, or creative writer
o Event/party managements
o Interior decorators
o Art, drama, or music teacher
o Multimedia artists and animator
o Producer
o Directors: Art director, Program director, Talent director,Advertising Director
o Journalist ( food, style, travel, music, film/tv)
o Curator
o Sound designers: Production Sound Mixer
o Tattoo Artist
o Animator (comparatively less preferred)
o Social Media Manager
o Set Designer
o Public Relations Manager
o Film Composer


You will be compensated for your time and opinion!


Must work or have a solid hobby in a creative field!
Must own a smartphone, will need to bring it to the study!
Ages: 18-35 ( ID required day of study)
Dates: Thursday & Friday, June 7 & 8
Times: 45 minute session (during the day 8am-4:30pm)
Location: New York, NY (Flatiron, Gramercy)
Compensation: $100


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