We are holding a study on Food and Drink habits which is being held both online AND in person during the month of June.


This study will be done in two stages.


Stage 1: 14 Day Online Forum beginning Monday, June 4th through Sunday, June 17th
You will need to participate daily for an average of 15-20 minutes per day, including one day where you will be asked to go the store as a special task and buy a few products (for which you will be reimbursed).
For Stage 1, you will be compensated $275.00.


Stage 2: 3 hour interview in your home on either Thursday, June 21st or Friday, June 22nd.
It will be an informal conversation that will be about food and snacks. As part of the 3 hour session you will
also be asked to go to the store with the interviewer to talk about this experience.
For Stage 2, you will be compensated $200.00. (Stage 2 is optional and only if you are selected)


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