Portable Insights has a paid in home usage study! $75.00 for participation and $25 for diary return


  1. Female
    2. Users of Always Infinity Size 1 Regular pads with Wings
    3. Ages 18-39.
    4. Regular Menstruation
    5. Primarily responsible for purchasing feminine protection products.
    6. Products will be used menstrual. Respondents must expect their period within 1.5 weeks of placement (June 8th).
    7. Menstrual cycle must be between 6/9 AND 6/22
    8. Must be willing to participate in a 30 minute Skype interview at the end of the study (currently set up to use Skype & have used before)


If you are interested in seeing if you qualify, please complete the pre screening questionnaire.
Also, If you qualify through the first link you will be sent a second. If you don’t receive a second, then you did not qualify for the study and we thank you for your interest.


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