ASK SURVEY CENTER is a marketing research firm that collects consumer opinions. We depend regularly on consumers to provide feedback and information to help our clients make important decisions about the products they make and the services they offer.


We will pay qualified study participants $50.00 to come to a location in Irving, TX on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 to participate in a unique music listening focus group event.


After you submit this survey with your preliminary information, if you meet the participation requirements to attend this event, one of our representatives will email you and/or call you at the number you provide us to schedule and confirm your appointment.


Completing this survey does not automatically place you on the guest list.


Qualified participants who have been placed on the guest list will receive an email confirmation with directions to the study location only after we speak with them by telephone to confirm their attendance.


Only one participant per family/household with the same last name will be allowed to participate.


We respect your privacy; all information you give us is confidential and used only for market research purposes.


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Monica Bumblis, ASK
Automotive Study Appointment Supervisor
714-750-7566 x200


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