Moms/dads and Jr. High students we need you! $300 for your time in this fun project! Reveal Research Studio is looking for insight into your quick meals and snacks that you pack in your lunch or have on the go at home. Students must be in 7th or 8th grade this current (2017-2018) school year. You also need to have a child age 4-10 in the house as well.


This is a 2 part project. Part 1 is online and will consist of 4 activities you and your jr. high student will complete online over a 2 week time frame from June 11-22. Your total time will be about 2 hours. Part 2 of the project will be an in-person session with you and your jr. high student on Tuesday, July 10 for about 2.5 hrs. in the west loop.


You will receive $300 + $25 for transportation for your participation in both parts of this project.


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