The research is being conducted for a well known national girl’s organization to get a broad, nationwide understanding of how girls engage in the digital world and the opportunities or challenges that this creates for them and their families.


We are eager to better understand how this digital age has changed the worlds of children, and specifically girls, over the past 8-10 years with the introduction of the smartphone now in everyone's hand. And with computer and other electronic tools being so deeply integrated into the world of so many kids.


For this study we are looking for teachers of students in the following age groups: A: 5-7, B: 8-10, C: 11-13 and D: 14-17 to participate in a one-hour (1hr) video-conference focus group with other teachers (teaching the same age group) across different parts of the country.


During the 1hr focus group we'd like to discuss how digital technology has change things in the classroom. (i.e., How behavior has changed, how classroom tools have changed, how stories kids share have evolved, etc.)


The video-conference focus groups will include teachers from the same age groups across the country in the same session. This will be an engaging focus group!


Stipend: $100 for the 1hr video conference focus group.


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