Transportation focus group for millennials NYC


We are looking for Millennials to take part in a multi-city transportation study. Please click on the link below to do the pre-survey.

We will follow-up with a short screening call to those who pass the web screen. If you further qualify, you will take part in a 15 minute telephone survey. Everyone who does the telephone appointment interview gets a $75 check in the mail as a thank you.


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The study we're conducting is focused around understanding the commuting lifestyles of Millennials. We are living in a time where moving around town is rapidly changing; the rise of on-demand ride services like Uber and Lyft have reduced the urge for Millennials to get their license and buy their own car.


Our researchers want to have a better understanding of two types of people: Millennials who do drive their own car and those who do not. They want to know information such as: what kind of lives do these different individuals lead, where are the places they typically commute to, what kinds of tools/devices do they use during these trips, etc. At the end of the study, the hope is that their better understanding of Millennials can help develop ideas that could be incorporated into a product idea for a future vehicle.


In order to make this study as informative as possible for our researchers, we need help from the participants before we meet them for the 90-minute interview.


Our researchers will meet with you at your residence to set up the equipment, either inside of your vehicle or for you to use before you start your trip(s). We ask that you record every time you get into your car to drive (1-2 hours total.) If you take another form of transportation besides your own vehicle for your trip, we would encourage you to record that trip as well if possible.


The whole purpose of the recording is so that we can observe the trip in-action instead of putting all the pressure on the participant to remember every single detail of their trip for the interview. We understand that there will be questions about your privacy and use of the footage, which will be addressed in a consent form provided to you when you first meet with the researchers. We want to ensure you that any recorded footage you provide will be solely used for our research purposes and kept confidential. We have no interest in sharing the information with anyone outside the company or for anything besides our study.


Once you meet up with the researchers again to participate in the 90-minute interview, you will provide the footage and/or written notes to them for review. During the interview, one of our researchers will separately review the footage you provided while our other researchers will sit with you either in your vehicle or home and ask you questions pertaining to our study. From time to time, we may touch into personal information and we will fully respect any information that you choose to withhold from our interviews if you get uncomfortable. Questions about the trip you recorded will typically be asked at the end of the interview or as they come up during the interview.


As a thank you for participating in the in-person study, you would receive $450 which would be mailed to you.


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