Video game focus group NY NJ



Hagen/Sinclair Research is seeking video gamers in New York and New Jersey to participate in a PAID Study about video gaming at home. We’re interested in hearing about the habits of all family members that play video games. This is open to players of All Levels and Ages.


This is a multi-phase study which starts with a 5-minute video then progresses to a 5-10-minute video call. The final phase is an in-home visit. Not everyone will do all phases.


INCENTIVE: As a thank you for participating, those who complete the interviews will receive an incentive of $75 for a 5-minute video, $100 for a video call, and $200 for an in-home interview.


FORMATS OF PHASES: 5-minute video and a 5-10-minute video call; if selected, some will participate in a 2-3 hour in-home interview.


DATES: Phase 1 begins the week of June 25th. Phase 2 is the week of July 6 and Phase 3 is mid-July to August.


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