Plaza Research is recruiting for an upcoming PAID market research study for Samsung SmartThings Hub Owners! Qualified participants will be compensated generously for their time!


We are currently seeking:
- Adults who own a Samsung SmartThings Hub
- Must be available to participate on June 26, 27, 28 or 29
- Submit proof of ownership prior to being booked
- Bring your phone to the interview that is connected to your SmartThings Hub. (Client cannot compensate you if you cannot bring, or forget your phone)


Qualified participants will be compensated
- $175 for 2 hour interview & submission of proof of ownership


Who: Samsung SmartThings Hub owners
What: Individual interviews
When: June 26-29
Where: Downtown San Francisco
Length: 2 hours
Incentive: $150 + $25 for sending proof of ownership


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