Matrix Research, Inc.  is conducting an exciting research study about online and mobile banking options and opinions. This study is strictly research and you will not be solicited to purchase products. All information you provide during this study is kept strictly confidential and never released outside of this study.

At no time will you be asking to provide detailed banking information.


This study consists of two phases. Participants must be open to participating in both phases of this study to be eligible.
This first phase involves the use of a mobile app to answer questions about your mobile banking experiences over the course of a two week period (beginning July 5th). You will answer questions and upload a short video about your experience each time you make a mobile purchase over the course of two weeks. You will NOT capture detailed banking information. We will never ask for this. You will need down download a research app that makes it easy for you to answer questions during this time. This app is free and easily deleted once the study is over. This phase of the study pays $150.
If you complete this first phase in a satisfactory manner, you will be asked to participate in Phase 2 of this study. This phase involves an online interview that lasts less than an hour. This interview will take place online with a moderator who will ask you questions and get your feedback about a concept website. This phase of the study pays $50.


Participants are paid for fully completing each phase. Payment is made via Paypal or a check to your preferred address within a week of completing the study. If you would be interested in participating in this study and reside in the United States, please complete the following application. We will get back to you by Friday, June 29, 2018 if it appears that you would be an appropriate match for this study.




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