We're looking for people to participate in a study about energy use. You must be on a rate plan with your utility in which you pay more for electricity used at a certain time of day (e.g. 3pm to 8pm). If you're not sure, please log into your utility account online, or check your bill - we will need to know the details of your plan in order for you to participate!


You'll be reviewing designs for an email series that's intended to be sent on a weekly basis; so every week, we'll show you a different email design, and get your feedback. Feedback will be given in an online webconference, with each of the four sessions lasting 20-30 minutes.


You will need to be able to schedule four interviews during the period July 30 to August 31, ideally about one week apart. Interviews must be scheduled on weekdays between 8.30am and 6.00pm Pacific Time. We will make every effort to be flexible around rescheduling if necessary, but this may not be possible.


On completion of all four interviews, you will receive an Amazon gift card for $200. If for any reason you miss an interview, you will receive $100 on completion of the other three interviews. If you miss two or more, you won't receive any compensation. (Again, if you need to reschedule an interview, we will probably be able to do this, if given enough notice, but we can't guarantee it.)


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