If you are a female between 18 to 45 years old in the Chicagoland area, ULTA Research Services is looking for you! You can earn $200 cash simply by testing feminine care products and sharing your opinions!


This research begins on Wednesday August 15th, in Downtown Chicago and we are placing women who use feminine pads or tampons during their menstrual cycle.


When you qualify and participate you will be paid $200 cash after you complete all phases of the research project.


Prior to qualifying we will require a picture of the outer wrapper of the products you are using during your menstrual cycle.


If you are interested in helping other women by testing products and sharing your opinions PLUS earn cash – we would love to hear from you ASAP


Please email dthomas@ultaresearch.com and include the following information:
A) Name:
B) Phone # to contact you:
C) Age:
D) Race:
E) Are you currently scheduled or participating in a focus group? Yes or No
F) Are you currently pregnant or nursing? Yes or No
G) Are you currently having regular menstrual periods? Yes or No
H) Which product do you use during your menstrual cycle: Pads, Pantiliners, or Tampons
I) Please provide all the brand(s) of sanitary pads or tampons you are currently using:
J) When do you expect to begin your next menstrual period?


Please know we understand this is a personal subject and ULTA Research Services LLC keeps your information in the strictest of confidence. Your answers will be used for the purposes of this research study only.


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