On Saturday, August 25, 2018, the Vera Institute of Justice is conducting a study to understand people's knowledge and experiences with the New Orleans justice system. The goal is to understand the impact that the justice system in New Orleans has on people's lives and to generate ideas for reforming aspects of the justice system.


Participation in this study will involve:
1) answering a series of questions to see if you qualify, AND

2) joining a group of other people to have a group discussion about your knowledge and/or experiences with the justice system in New Orleans.


If you qualify for the research study, are selected and invited to participate, and appear to the focus group venue by the scheduled time, you will be paid for your time.


If you are interested in joining this study, please send an email message to NOLAresearch@vera.org with your first name and telephone number or a voicemail message to 985-805-2483 with your first name and email address. You will then receive further instructions on how to qualify for this study.


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