Focus group for people who consume healthy beverages 


Do you care about your health? Are you a person who consciously chooses to live a healthy lifestyle? Do you consume healthy beverages as part of your regular diet? JRI, a major market research company is conducting a research study on Healthy Beverages. We are looking for men and woman (aged 20 - 50) to participate in a research project for a major beverage company that is striving to better understand the current market place. We are conducting 30 minute interviews nationwide and all participants will receive an honorarium of $75.00 for their time and feedback.


If you are a person who is consumes healthy beverages on a regular basis and would like to participate in our research then click on the link below and fill out our short questionnaire. If you qualify for our research someone from our firm will get back to you. If you do not hear from us that means either you were not qualified or the study is booked. The dates of our project run through the first week of October. We will have many available time slots to cover the different time zones nationwide.



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