An innovation and design firm is currently seeking people ages 63-74 for research in the Orlando area between October 23-25. Researchers will be conducting interviews in people's homes. They're interested in learning more about what it's like to be a Boomer in the US today. Questions will range from everyday life, to some more targeted ones about health, retirement, and aging.


They are interested in a few different possible interviews:


- 2.5 hour friend group session: You invite 3-5 friends over for a conversation. You're compensated $250 for this time, friends each compensated $75 for this time. All paid via check.
- 2 hour one on one interview: compensated $200 via check for this time
- 2 hour interview with caregiver: One hour with you, one hour with you both. You would be compensated $200 for this time and the caregiver $75 for this time.

Interviews are video taped and photographed to share with internal team members (not shared publicly).


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