We are looking for men and women (who reside in Cook County) to participate in our paid focus group on Decision Making. The 2 day study will take place on Wednesday, Jan 9th AND Thursday, Jan 10th from 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM. You must be available for both full days to participate. For participating in the 2 day study, you will receive a $500 Pre-Paid Visa Gift Card at the conclusion of the research. There will also be a drawing for an extra $50 taking place 20 minutes before the start of the group. A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided both days. There will also be frequent breaks.


Some respondents might be sent home early on the first day of the study (after 90 minutes) and will be given $125 on a Pre-Paid Visa Gift Card at that point. But the majority will have to stay both days, so please plan on attending both days. You will only be paid the $500 at the end of the second day.


The study will take place in downtown Chicago and there is free parking provided at the facility.


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