Paid Online survey - Outdoor Head / Neckwear study - 18 to 35 yo Qualified Participants Earn up to $120


New York, San Francisco, Austin, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Chattanooga, Minneapolis, Charleston, Tampa, Salt Lake, Bozeman, Burlington, Washington DC, Boston, and Philadelphia.


This project is being held for the purposes of research only. There will be absolutely no sales promotion of any kind as a result of your participation. We are interested in your opinions only.


If you qualify, you will be invited to participate in an online survey (between January 23 to 30) followed by a focus group discussion (to be scheduled in February). To be considered for participation, please complete a short survey by clicking on the link with below:


The incentive will be in the form of either a physical card, a virtual card, or an Amazon gift card that you can use anywhere those forms of payment are accepted.


One of our recruiters will give you a call to confirm your eligibility for this study. Please expect a call from a 203 area code phone number. All correspondence related to this project will be sent to this email address


You can learn more about CiviSelect at


Slots are limited so we want to hear from you soon so we can schedule you for this study.


Feel free to share this to anyone you know who might be interested.


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