spreadsheet and database focus group


Do you use spreadsheets or database software at your job?

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UX Recruiting is currently looking for participants to take part in a paid online diary study which will run from Feb. 11 - March 8, 2019. We are looking for individuals with a desire to learn beginner or intermediate Python coding for professional development reasons. If selected to participate in the study, you will receive $200 as a thank-you.


Our researchers are looking for feedback and opinions about preferences, and needs in the areas related to a new computer program for database software. This is not a sales or marketing effort, rather a way to be part of the design process for next generation products. The session will be recorded. Your name will not be associated with the data you provide and your personal information will remain confidential and anonymous.


If you are interested in participating in this study, please email participate@ux-recruiting.com with the following info and we will contact you if your background appears to match what we're looking for:

Daytime phone #:
Email address:
State you live in:
What is your job title?
What industry do you work in?
1) Which of the following applications do you use on a daily or near daily basis at work:
a) Microsoft Word
b) PowerPoint
c) Excel
d) A spreadsheet program other than Excel (PROGRAM NAME____________)
e) Microsoft Access
f) A database program other than Access ( PROGRAM NAME: ____________)


2) The following is a list of work-related activities, after each item, please indicate approximately how many times, if any, you have performed the activity in the past month. If you have never performed the activity or it has been over six months, please say zero:
a) _______ Written/Authored computer code in a language such as C++ or Javascript
b) _______Written a Macro in Excel
c) _______Used Visual Basic to customize an Excel spreadsheet or Access database
d) _______Written SQL queries to query a database
e) _______Conducted Data Analysis


3) Could you tell me if you are familiar with any programming, scripting, query or data analysis languages, and at what level you are familiar? Please respond with the programming language and then either Not at all, Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert:
a) __________ Visual Basic
b) ___________ R
c) __________SQL, MySQL or SQL server
d) ___________ C++,
e) ____________Javascript.
f) ____________ Python
g) ____________ Tableau
h) _____________other ____________________________


4) Please indicate how interested or not interested you would be to learn the following programming languages either as a novice with no prior experience or as a beginner looking to learn more? Please indicate if have no interest, are a little interested, or very interested.
a) Visual Basic
b) C++
c) Javascript
d) Python


5) Please indicate what prior experience you have taking online courses.
a) I have taken online courses for personal development
b) I have taken online courses for professional development
c) I have never taken an online course


6) If yes: How many online courses have you started?
a) ___________________________


7) How many online courses have you completed?
a) ___________


8) What platforms or companies offered the online courses you have taken?
a) Edx
b) Coursera
c) Udacity
d) Lynda.com
e) Udemy
f) Skillsoft
g) Pluralsight
h) Other__________________


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