Food Focus Group

San Francisco, CA ยท Posted on 09/09/2019

IDEO is working on a project to better understand what millennial and gen Xers need from the food brands and products they shop for.


Do the products you shop for need to step up their game or adapt to you better? Are you trying to make yourself adjust what you eat, but can't find interesting or tasty enough products to help you? Are you a vegan bodybuilder who has figured out how to get full and get energy from a vegan diet? Maybe as a new parent you want to model best behavior or do better by the environment and believe that should be reflected in what you eat and how.


As we learn from you, we hope to develop new products to support you and refresh you.


We'll be meeting with individuals and groups in the SF Bay Area AND Vancouver Sept 12 - 19. We'll be meeting people in their homes, going shopping with them and hosting groups for some wine and real talk. All participants are paid $100/hr for letting us step into their lives and sessions are 1 - 2 hours.


We're looking for all kinds of individuals, so be yourself.


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